Friday, 30 July 2010

30.07.2010 [我的爱很像泡沫,太轻或太重,都不在手中]

Suddenly start and end the story
feel like a dream

but this two days is time to wake up
why?...why so fast wake up
why don't let me sleep forever
why happy smile cant always on my face
,happiness and sweet cant be my side forever
what's my wrong?....
what's my problem?...
I'm really a very bad lady?...
you let me know what is true love
what is happy
what's I'm wrong before
but why you don't give me
a chance to be a good...

The girl is cry and stop to write...
Hope every things will be fine...
And keep the smile on her face...



The girl like to see her man always smile like the pic
But FINALLY he left the girl smile alone...=(

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