Monday, 2 August 2010


Why I still cant sleep
midnight ard...very late le..
I think many ppl ard in their bed
suddenly..I miss school life...
coz I no need to worry about $$$
future and more......
just go to school...

This pic ard more than 2 years ago...
very ugly....XD
when we are still in school life
sometimes we are argue bcoz somethings
but we still very sweet *)
I think my best memories
is a part of school life with you

haha...take at KFC...very ugly...

take at Genting Highland...
till now..I love this pic so much...^^
I think we are very trouble
and always argue
bcoz we need to plan our future
we knw $$$ is important in our life
so you made this decision
should I 4give your selfish
and waiting for you?....
but i'm scare....
I will exert all my strength
to forget unhappy...

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